Apparently this fandom is in need of fluff, so here I am, providing fluff for our Olicity troops. 

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Title from Rachael Yamagata - Be Your Love

Felicity checks her watch and turns on her computer. There’s a five hours difference between her and Starling city, making it almost 7 am there. He probably won’t complain if she wakes him up.

When Oliver answers the room is dark, and she vaguely sees him move to turn on the bed lamp. A soft glow illuminates his handsome face and he rubs his eyes before focusing on the screen.

“Hey beautiful.”

“Hey. Sorry to wake you.”

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I just love imagining Felicity and Oliver explaining what happened to John.

John: So how’d you guys pull this off?


Felicity: We just- convinced Slade to take me. Then once he had me, I injected him with the cure.

John: Convinced him to take you? How?


Felicity: We…


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